Hi! I’m Julie

See what others have to say about my Services:

“Julie has got your back! In a world with so many social media distractions and shallow interactions, Julie is present, caring, and actively engages with her patients. I can personally attest that she has made my life better, and she has reminded me of my own goodness and the beauty of the world.”—Greg Hamill, friend and former pain sufferer

“Julie is a remarkably empathic and attuned therapist. She is very self-aware and tuned in to her patients’ needs and feelings. I am particularly impressed by Julie’s wherewithal in dealing with challenging cases.”—Former Clinical Supervisor

“In a healthcare culture that demands ‘fast-food therapy’’ Julie bucks the trend by consistently striving to go deeper with her patients to get at the heart of the issue. Julie is a dedicated friend and colleague and has contributed immensely to my understanding approach to pain.”—Ian Sexton, LMSW