Ivy league Recovery
AKA A$$hole Recovery

  • Did you go to an Ivy League school or another top university that burned you out?

  • Do you struggle with endless over achieving and never feel good enough?

  • Did you make your choices based on other people’s wishes or expectations of you?

  • Do you feel like a fraud and maybe hate yourself?

I’ve been there. Check out my song below. I want to help you improve your self esteem and learn to feel satisfied with your life without burning out.

How I Help

I provide psychotherapy in which we will explore the underlying factors causing you to feel bad about yourself. Together we will uncover your authentic self so that you can lead a happy/ lower stress life. I do this by providing a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where your thoughts and feelings can be expressed freely and we can build a healing relationship that forms the basis of recovery and growth.

Why I’m Different

Despite spending 17 years of my life working to gain entrance to the University of Pennsylvania and graduating Summa Cum Laude (sounds snobby, I know), I still felt awful about myself. No matter how much I achieved it did not give me satisfaction or self worth. I still felt like a hypocrite and a fraud. I was always in therapy but nothing helped until I found the right therapist. Once I felt truly understood as a person, I was finally able to build fulfilling connections with myself and others. I transformed my life from pretentious and empty to meaningful and whole. Due to that experience I understand at a profound level what it takes to provide a healing environment. I believe that I can be the therapist that helps you change in the same way I did!

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